Fall is here and as a lover of cool weather, changing leaves, and trying foods that should not be pumpkin-flavored, I feel it is my duty to look the part. Seasonal trends seem to consist of the same elements every year but what’s fashion without a little repetition? And it’s the little changes to these elements that truly make styling the trends fun. Bright red pieces to match the transitioning trees, fuzzy and furry accessories to really emulate that #Cozy feel (trademark Beyonce), and chic ready-to-wear pieces for those fall-related activities that will make such a cute TikTok. If there’s anything St. Louis does right, it’s Fall and fashion.

Red Red Red

The color red and autumn go together real bad. Who doesn’t want to match the leaves? This bold color choice is a step away from the muted browns and greens from previous years. Red was seen all over the runway, with designers like David Kuma and ThreeAsFour utilizing the color in unique ways while Ferragamo and The Row used red in classic and polished silhouettes. Working with red can be fun because it can become the focal point of a look or a pop of color in a neutral landscape. Shop the trend locally with these featured designers!

Ready-to-Wear Chic

Fall is the seasonal embodiment of comfort and breeze. Many designers this year had ready-to-wear collections, tapping into the relaxed but directional look of simple pieces like white tanks, denim, and trench coats. What I love about this trend is the ability to customize this to your personal style. Using color, texture, and silhouette to transform a basic outfit formula into something fit for your taste is what makes following trends fun, in my opinion. When thinking of St. Louis, simple is simply not the word to describe us, but shopping elevated basics is easy with these amazing designers:

Fuzz Lightyear

This season (with it definitely bleeding into the winter season) fuzz, fur, and teddy will be on the scene, and in some unexpected garments and accessories. Burberry and Khaite were some of the designers who solidified this fall trend with their collections featuring fuzzy and furry elements that stood out on the runway. Shoes made entirely of (faux) fur and fuzzy pants will make this season the comfiest yet. Let’s see how you can rock this trend while supporting BIPOC local designers.

I’ve Got You Covered

As the mornings begin to get cooler, the invisible glue between you and your bed grows stronger. Seriously, the “-ber” months make it nearly impossible to get out that bed. That’s why I love this trend: Blanket Scarves. And really, they are just blankets. When designers at Saint Laurent and Loewe showcase blanket-adjacent pieces draped around bodies, it’s telling that the craving for the blanket at home is real. Styling this as a poncho with an elevated brooch, a wrapped cozy draped skirt (akin to The Row’s blanket skirt), or as a piece to simply keep your top half warm, it’s a trend that will last well into next year. And St. Louis designers have got you covered! (Did you see what I did there?)

As we step into the world of fall 2023, it’s clear that this season is all about embracing coziness, boldness and the feeling of effortlessness. The beauty of these trends lie in their versatility, making it easy to find your unique personal style merge with with them. What’s even more exciting is that many St. Louis designers have embraced and embodied these trends, adding their special touch to them. So, as you embrace the crisp air and the fallen leaves on the sidewalk, don’t hesitate to explore these trends!

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