Stanaireon Williams

Here at FWRDSociety, we are community centric, and we believe that highlighting and celebrating our community members is apart of the solution of a healthier fashion ecosystem. With our new community spotlight series, we aim to promote fashion brands, creatives, trailblazers, & innovators in St. Louis that you should know about! Our first community spotlight is shining on Stainaireon Williams, apart of our 2023 FASHNXT Cohort!

Stanaireon Williams is a photographer from East Saint Louis,IL who always had a passion for capturing moments and love the world around him for the beauty it possesses. He started off as a iPhone photographer, 6 years ago and now specializes in editorial, fashion, portrait photography. When shooting he love helping others see themselves in a light that a selfie wouldn’t do justice . A form of therapy, Stan the Camera man your guy. Let’s dive deeper into Stan and his fashion journey:

Why did you decide to get into fashion?

Fashion and creativity has always been a outlet for me when I didn’t know how to express myself growing up. The older I get the more free and bolder I am with my expression when it comes to photography & or self expression in general.

What are some things you wish you knew or learned before getting into the fashion industry?

Just simply staying true to what makes you happy and not getting distracted by what your peers are doing.

What is an immediate need for BIPOC fashion creatives?

Accessible resources at young ages.

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