FASHNXT is our 6 month cohort program, specifically designed for BIPOC fashion creatives, professionals, and brands to have a better foundational structure, as well as more visibility options to get them in the rooms, spaces, and places they deserve to be in.


The cohort program provides branding services to help participants establish a strong brand identity and create a compelling presence in the fashion market. Media training is another valuable aspect of the program, equipping participants with the skills to effectively communicate their brand story, handle interviews, and engage with the media.

Pitching is a crucial skill for any fashion professional, and the program offers support in this area as well. Participants will have the opportunity to refine their pitch strategies and develop persuasive presentations to attract investors, collaborators, or potential customers. They will also receive curated pitches sent straight to the media on their behalf.

FASHNXT’s cohort program offers a comprehensive range of resources and support to empower fashion creatives, professionals, and brands on their journey to success. It aims to provide a solid foundation and equip participants with the necessary tools to thrive in the fashion industry.

FASHNXT’s 2023 Cohort

Applications for 2024’s cohort will open in November